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Amazon Interview (on-campus - Software Dev Engineer) with answers/solutions

Round 0 (online):There was online test for 300 students. 25 were selected for interviews. There were 4 back-to-back rounds on the same day.
Round 1:
1. Given 1 billion integers. Find 100 maximum integers. Memory available is insufficient to store 1 billion integers. Solution: Use a min heap of max size 100 (remember, heap can be implemented using array as it is a full binary tree). Compare every integer with value at 'root' of heap. if element>root_value remove root from heap. insert element in heap. Do this for all integers.
2. Given array of N integers ranging from 0 to N-1. Output maximum repeating integer. Use only O(1) memory.

Interview with ACRush (Tiancheng Lou), the coding sensation!

25-year-old floor Sky City has "the first person of Chinese college students in computer programming" in the title, is also students who participated in the contest King called "floor leader."His legend has inspired many young students: from 2001 began to participate in computer programming competitions and even won the national first prize; 2004 selected for the National Team, the same year and was recommended for admission to Tsinghua IOI gold; began in 2008 Theoretical Computer Center first Asian Turing Award winner Academician Yao PhD; twice in 2007 and 2009 led to participate in ACM / ICPC World Finals and finished second. "Programmer" recently interviewed Wizards floor programming Amagi, let him share with us his legendary programming competitions road. Reporter: please talk about your childhood experiences. Childhood who, what things affect you the most? F, Tin City: a child, I am more playful, do not like to learn how. Later in the 8 years old, I we…