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One evening story, small things

Yet another important chapter of life is made of small things that we, sometimes, ignore.

Another day, a holiday, it was around 4 in the evening. I was preparing to take bath, and while going towards the bathroom, I decided to take a visit to the 'popular' Pangay's room. He was banging his head with his computer screen, trying to find some software on the internet, which I doubt he could find in one life (Thank God he knows how to work on a computer). Going by the brand, he owns a Dell-Pavillion-'some model', with a core i3 inside, but his computer seemed to be beaten by an old pentium. Anyway, it was not his computer's fault, sometimes it depend on who works on it.

A football match in the hostel

It's around 5 in the evening. I am feeling a little hungry. I gathered some known-mates, and we are going to Surendra's.
Now we are at Surendra's. We are 4 in number, me, Patlu, Motu, and another weird guy, popularly known as Pangay due to his unusual involvement with the hostel staff member, Rajbir ;)

We ordered two tandoori paranthas, and a tea. The Patlu and Motu are unwilling to eat, as they already had a good time in the market. The prantha arrival took considerable time, so in the meantime we took an argument over the high rates with the shop owner (or whoever he was, sitting on the counter).

Paranthas arrived. The "Pangay" guy is eating at a faster pace than me, so I am in worry that he will eat my parantha after finishing his own. So I took a piece of his parantha saying that for sake of checking taste.

And the fear turned real. The "Pangay" guy took a piece of my parantha, and that too the very central piece.. and suddenly after that he took an…

Logic Puzzles that will troll your mind!

Logic Puzzles

1. The Missing Piece Below the four parts have been reorganized. The four partitions are exactly the same in both arrangements. Why is there a hole?

Hint: This is not an optical illusion. If you print out the puzzle, cut out the pieces and rearrange them, you get the exact same dilemma. Answer: The gradient of the teal hypotenuse is different than the gradient of the red hypotenuse.
2. Four Gallons You have a three gallon and a five gallon measuring device. You wish to measure out four gallons.

Answer: Fill the five gallon container. Pour all but two gallons into the three gallon container. Empty the three gallon container. Put the two remaining gallons from the five gallon container into the three gallon container. Fill the five gallon container one more time. Pour one gallon from the five gallon container by filling the three gallon container. Now the five gallon container contains four gallons. 3. The Islanders There are two beautiful yet remote islands in the south pac…