A football match in the hostel

It's around 5 in the evening. I am feeling a little hungry. I gathered some known-mates, and we are going to Surendra's.
Now we are at Surendra's. We are 4 in number, me, Patlu, Motu, and another weird guy, popularly known as Pangay due to his unusual involvement with the hostel staff member, Rajbir ;)

We ordered two tandoori paranthas, and a tea. The Patlu and Motu are unwilling to eat, as they already had a good time in the market. The prantha arrival took considerable time, so in the meantime we took an argument over the high rates with the shop owner (or whoever he was, sitting on the counter).

Paranthas arrived. The "Pangay" guy is eating at a faster pace than me, so I am in worry that he will eat my parantha after finishing his own. So I took a piece of his parantha saying that for sake of checking taste.

And the fear turned real. The "Pangay" guy took a piece of my parantha, and that too the very central piece.. and suddenly after that he took another one! I, not revealing my thoughts, took the remaining parantha in my mouth, irrespective of that fact that it was double the size of a regular piece. No one noticed.

Who is going to pay?

We finished the meal, and now the question is who is going to pay. The Patlu and Motu are quite good people, and they readily raffled their pockets for money. I stood far from the payment counter, showing that I was busy watching the TV. They paid the bill, and I, being honest, asked for my contri. This is a general fact here at NIT that whoever pays such low amount bills, never get his money back, until and unless there is someone honest like me who cares to ask for the contri. That is why I refrain from making the payment myself.

Back to the Hostel

Some guys are playing football, around 4-5. I could see they were short of players, so I decided to play, the Motu guy also being in. The football was short of air, and the Motu was full of air. I, on the other hand, have average stamina.
At first we practiced, just passing ball to each other, kicking it like a boss, to prove everybody is a player here, no one to underestimate. I noticed the Motu guy was not passing the ball to me, bad of him. I did the same.
During the practice, the Patlu guy passed the field, with some notes in his hands. He is a good guy, so I let him go, without passing a comment.
The "Pangay" guy disappeared since we came back to hostel, and was nowhere to be seen around.

Start of match

Finally we decided to start the match, I was in a team of four, while the opponents were three, the "Motu" guy being my opponent. Another guy joined the opponent team as the match started, and it became 4 vs 4 match.

... END OF PART-1 .. will continue the story very soon.
(Forgive me for my English)


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