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Accessing DynamoDB from Spring Java application - Walkthrough tutorial

Target audience for this tutorial People familiar with Spring and databases, and willing to use Amazon DynamoDB as datastore.

Technologies used
Spring BootGradleJetty server

Amazon Tools
Amazon DynamoDBAmazon AWS SDKAmazon IAM

Steps 1. Creating DynamoDB table At this point it is assumed that you have a working AWS account. Go to DynamoDB console from you AWS dashboard. In my case the direct URL was
You may need to subscribe to the service if you are there for the first time. Go ahead and create a table. You won't be charged until you create a table from the console. At this time create a basic table with an index. You can later edit it to add additional fields. If the table is 'ACTIVE', browse it and add a new test item.
Now you have enough data to be accessed from you local instance to test.
2. Creating IAM User For you to access dynamoDB from your spring application, you will need a secret id and secr…