Importing data to dynamoDB from S3 (using AWS Data Pipeline)

You will have to have an S3 location first, let's say a directory 'X'.
The directory 'X' from which the import will happen should contain below files: a.manifest b.your-file-here.txt (the one containing the actual data)
your-file-here.txt will contain the data in JSON format, one per line.
Go to dynamoDB, select your table by clicking on it. Under 'Actions', hit 'import data'. Create a pipeline and activate it, but before activating, consider below learnings about your data.
Learnings when importing data to DynamoDB (from S3 file, using data pipeline): 1.Replace \ with \\ 2.No field value should be empty 3.Each line should independently be a valid json object. Any line should NOT end in a comma. 4.The file should be JSON verified using bash command: cat <file-name> | python -m json.tool
Note that the file may need to be converted to a full json object first, by appending comma at the end of each line, and appending {“object”: [ at the beginning of the…

Deep learning resources and notes

This is a directory of deep learning resources that I have been following, and putting here for personal reference. If you have a recommendation, feel free to leave a comment.

Convolutional networks's-Guide-To-Understanding-Convolutional-Neural-Networks/ - Part 1's-Guide-To-Understanding-Convolutional-Neural-Networks-Part-2/ - Part 2

Neural network book

NDArray tutorial -
Handwritten digits recognition -[TODO] Full list of tutorials here:

Understanding LSTM Networks

Neural network visualization
Video -

== Definitions ==Lower and higher layers: The layers which are near the input are …

Accessing DynamoDB from Spring Java application - Walkthrough tutorial

Target audience for this tutorial People familiar with Spring and databases, and willing to use Amazon DynamoDB as datastore.

Technologies used
Spring BootGradleJetty server

Amazon Tools
Amazon DynamoDBAmazon AWS SDKAmazon IAM

Steps 1. Creating DynamoDB table At this point it is assumed that you have a working AWS account. Go to DynamoDB console from you AWS dashboard. In my case the direct URL was
You may need to subscribe to the service if you are there for the first time. Go ahead and create a table. You won't be charged until you create a table from the console. At this time create a basic table with an index. You can later edit it to add additional fields. If the table is 'ACTIVE', browse it and add a new test item.
Now you have enough data to be accessed from you local instance to test.
2. Creating IAM User For you to access dynamoDB from your spring application, you will need a secret id and secr…

Roadies X2 winner is Prince Narula

Taking all predictions to end, Prince Narula won the title of Roadies X2, beating the strong contender Gurmeet in the breathtaking finale. The finale round replayed almost all the tasks previously held during the journey in parts.

Prince during a journey task at Ayodhya -

Prince was selected in Pune Auditions of the latest season of roadies.

The main content of this show was task and the one who completes the task became the winner. The task was hosted by four judges this time namely Esha deol, Ranvijay singh, Karan Kundra ,Vijender singh who were all set to judge the current season of the popular reality show. Raghu and Rajiv were thrown out of the show for unknown reasons. Earn free car rides to anywhere in the city and around, with Uber, sign up here:

Who is your winner for the season? Share in comments. 

MSG - The messenger earns 126 crores till 10th day

The so called 'Rockstar Baba', 'The Godman', and fondly 'Papaji' by over 50 million, Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan is on his way to become the new king of bollywood, as his film MSG - The Messenger (of God) has broken all records of 2015, and is strongly leading to a new height. If the sources were to believed, the film has earned whooping 126 crores on box office till 10th day. People are still finding tough to buy tickets because of huge demand, and online movie ticket website BookMyShow has temporarily removed the listing from its website because of unavailability of tickets.

The film was released on 13th of February in around 4000 screens across the country, and since its release, all shows are going packed and there has been a constant demand of ticket since then. The film was expected to be hit even before the launch because of very good music, and good trailer.

One big factor of film's success is believed to be the social message…

Effective Java - Notes - Chapter 2 - Creating and Destroying objects

1. Consider static factory methods instead of constructorsStatic factory methods are the methods which simply return an instance of the class.
public static Boolean valueOf(boolean b) { return b ? Boolean.TRUE : Boolean.FALSE; }


a. They have names

Static factory methods have names, constructors do not. So it becomes easier for the user to know the purpose of these methods.

b. Objects can be cached

Unlike constructors, static factory methods can return the same objects (e.g. See Boolean class example above), which is memory efficient.

c. Static factory methods can return the subtype of their class type

With the same interface, which is a good practice.

d. They reduce the verbosity of creating parameterized instances,

Map<String, Boolean> map = new HashMap<String, Boolean>();versusMap<String, Boolean> map = Hashmap.newInstance(); Though after Java 1.7, this problem has been solved, you can use <> directly, e.g.,Map<String, Boolean> map = n…

Quit Smoking Today. Your life is more precious to people other than you.

Congratulations on the decision to quit. Your first day without cigarettes can be difficult, but having a plan will make it easier! Don't rely on willpower alone to keep you smokefree. Prepare so that you can feel confident in your ability to stay quit today.
Step One Tell your friends and family that today is your quit day. Ask them for support during these first few days and weeks. They can help you get through the rough spots, but make sure to tell them how they can support you. Be specific; they aren't mind readers.
Step Two Get the support you need—either by developing your own quit plan or finding a quit program that works for you. A quit plan combines strategies that help you stay focused, confident, and motivated to quit. You might decide to use a quit program like SmokefreeTXT, or a quitline like 1–800–QUIT–NOW (1–800–784–8669), to get started. If you're not sure exactly which quit methods are right for you, visit the Quit Smoking Methods Explorer to learn more. …