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Summer Intern: PHP Developer, iLogo

WhereMumbai OrganizeriLogo(Start-up) Important Dates Start Date: June 1, 2012 Deadline: June 11, 2012 Eligibility Undergrad Level,Grad Level,Postgrad Level,Non-students Type of Opportunity Internship/Training Tags Technology, Software Engg./Coding/Programming Published OnMay 30, 2012
About the company: 
iLogo is an online custom T-Shirt design start-up that empowers the customer to design his own T-Shirt and other products by choosing from the wide variety of designs available or by uploading his own design. All of this collectively makes it an extremely user-friendly website. 
We cater to orders from a minimum of 6 to a few thousads. Our clients include IITs, IIMs, NITs, Corporates and NGOs.

We also organize a lot of innovative design contents some of which have been for MTV Roadies, Oktoberfest and college fests of St. Xavier's and Sophia College. 
iLogo is developed on core PHP. The coding is highly innovative and the most advanced custom designing site in the world


Two PHP Deve…

Tips for Resumes and Cover Letters

Breaking into a new career, no matter what industry you're vying to join, seems to get more and more competitive every year. New graduates are often overwhelmed with the process of applying to jobs and trying to get a foot in the door. Believe it or not, hiring remains a very difficult process for employers. Good candidates are extremely hard to find. Often, the problem is that the best candidates don't know how to appropriately express that they would make the perfect fit for the job. A few simple technology tricks and tips, and knowing how the system operates, can fix this problem, though, and help you get the job you want. This post is meant for new university graduates who are looking to get into the job market. I'll share some of the tricks I've learned over the years for organizing your resumes and cover letters so that your job applications are as effective as they can be. Much of the advice I've learned comes from interviewing headhunters, hiring managers, …

College Degrees: More and More, They‘re Just a Piece of Paper

Faking a computer science degree cost Scott Thompson his CEO job. But with one notable exception, most observers thought he was doing OK, under lousy circumstances.Sure, the lying was wrong, but apart from that, would Thompson’s lack of a computer science degree have hurt his career? Does having the right degree - or any degree - really matter that much any more? There’s plenty of evidence that in a world where a 9-year-old can write an iPhone app, degrees may be obsolete. After all, Bill Gates and Michael Dell did just fine without finishing college, and dropouts like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson have questioned the value of traditional education. Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel is offering standout youngsters $100,000 in angel investments to start companies instead of going to college. To find out what a degree means today, we asked a Bay Area headhunter. She specializes in financial services, but also works with medical and high-tech clients. Under condition of anonymity, she revea…

Microsoft‘s social network

Microsoft has opened up its So.clsocial networking service to the general public, which lets users share and comment on interesting search results and connect with "like-minded" people. 

It is targeted at students and had earlier been restricted to invitees at universities and schools in the US. 

The service integrates with Facebook and is being pitched as an "experiment" rather than a rival to other networks. 

Microsoft revealed that the product was developed by its Fuse Labs unit as a "research project... focused on the future of social experiences and learning." 

Members are invited to create "collages of content" using the firm's Bing search engine technology and external links, which they can, then share with others. 

Users can then identify people who are interested in the same topics, monitor their associates' feeds and take part in "video parties" during which members watch online videos together, commenting on them via cha…

Internship at Let Me Know (Technical)

Let Me Know is a social startup with a tag line - 'Breaking the information Barrier'. Since 2007, Let Me Know has served many Indian students to attain the opportunities that they long for - may be in form of seminars, may be campus jobs, part-time / full-time jobs, internships, trainings or many more ways.

Let Me Know is in search of 2 Technical Interns. The interns will be guided on their work roles by the Technical Team at Let Me Know.

Applicants should make a note of following:

-Required to have professional expertise in PHP and Zend framework
-Knowledge of CSS and Photoshop
-Fast and efficient in coding
-Knowledge of Android/iPhone/Facebook application development is a plus
-Creative, good at designing and innovative in thinking
-Good communication skills (written and verbal)
-Should be able to devote minimum 6 hours on a daily basis

Key takeaways:

-Stipend: INR 5,000/month
-Certificate for the association
-An opportunity to be a core technical team member post internship, if we like …

Intern - Content Analyst at New Rubric Solutions [13 days left]

Where: Bengaluru(Bangalore)

Organizer: New Rubric Solutions(Start-up)

Important Dates
Start Date: June 1, 2012
End Date : July 31, 2012
Deadline: May 25, 2012
Eligibility: Grad Level

A paid internship with Bangalore based New Rubric Solutions.

About the internship: – New Rubric is looking for interns to work as Content Analysts. A content analyst intern will work on creating content based on given guidelines and customize it to needs of target users. The candidate will also be developing the training material on the firm’s products.

Number of internships: - 2

Who can apply:- Final/ Pre final year students from the top colleges, with an aggregate score of at least 80% can apply.

The candidate must possess -
Enthusiasm to contribute to the field of education Good logical thinking skills and attention to detail Ability to write good and clear English Great attitude


Duration: – Minimum of 2 months.

Start date: – Ma…

Interview Of An Indian Top Coder : Rudradev Basak

When I (Anil Kishore) started taking part in algorithmic programming contests, for more than two years, it was just me, lot of problems, very few algorithms, my ideas and my Java codes. With that, I would have probably been still a green rated coder, working for a software company in Bangalore after moving between two or three places, still in search of the right things to do. But why ? Problems, Algorithms, my Ideas and my Codes.. what else I need ? This is where many Indian coders make mistake. Almost two years after joining TopCoder (TC), I started interacting with fellow coders, knowing more about them, reading lots of others codes, being active in forums and part of the wonderful community. That was the crucial part of my career so far. TC has some interviews of foreign coders and they are very interesting to read. Knowing more about our own Indian coders will be more fun, especially for beginners to get inspired. This is the least I can contribute to the wonderful community that…

The top eight mistakes of an internee

Internships are a learning experience, but that doesn't mean you should expect a lot of hand-holding. The truth is, you will only get out of this experience as much as you put into it. Many interns learn this lesson the hard way--later regretting the downtime, which would have been better spent shadowing a colleague or learning a new skill.
If you make the most of your internship by going above and beyond your tasks, you will be infinitely better-equipped with a deeper resume, recommendations, and potential opportunities in the future. Thank your lucky stars that you landed this opportunity, because this will be one of the most important assets to your career--right up there with credible LinkedIn endorsements. But be wary of the following eight most common ways interns blow opportunities:
1. Failing to ask questions or ask for more work. You are not expected to know everything, but asking questions is a great way to show your supervisors that you are really trying to learn. Conf…

Google Interview Question: Finding subarray with given sum

Given an unsorted array of nonnegative integers, find a continous subarray which adds to a given number. Examples: Input: arr[] = {1, 4, 20, 3, 10, 5}, sum = 33 Ouptut: Sum found between indexes 2 and 4 Input: arr[] = {1, 4, 0, 0, 3, 10, 5}, sum = 7 Ouptut: Sum found between indexes 1 and 4 Input: arr[] = {1, 4}, sum = 0 Output: No subarray found There may be more than one subarrays with sum as the given sum. The following solutions print first such subarray. Source: Google Interview Question Method 1 (Simple) 
A simple solution is to consider all subarrays one by one and check the sum of every subarray. Following program implements the simple solution. We run two loops: the outer loop picks a starting point i and the inner loop tries all subarrays starting from i.

Microsoft gonna redesign Bing, plays up Facebook link

Microsoft Corp unveiled a new design on Thursday for its second-ranked Bing search engine, introducing elements from Facebook and other social networks, as it tries to claw market share from leader Google Inc. Slow off the mark in Internet search, Microsoft has racked up losses of more than $6 billion in its online unit since launching Bing three years ago, but has yet to make a mark on Google's dominance of the lucrative ad search market. In its latest push to increase usage of Bing, Microsoft is introducing a new, three-column screen design. Alongside the familiar search results displayed in blue to the left of the screen, Bing is rolling out an instant snapshot column, which displays extra information and links most likely to be useful such as maps, reviews and reservation tools.

Google MCQ Problem

Consider the following loop int count=0; for(i=0;i<10;i++) for(j=i+1;j<10;j++) for(k=j+1;k<10;k++) for(l=k+1;l<10;l++) for(m=l+1;m<10;m++) count++;What is the value of count?

Amazon Interview Question

Find the same sum interval in two Binary arrays:
Given two binary arrays A and B of same size N. Find an interval (i, j)(inclusive) such that sum of elements of A and sum of all elements of B in this interval is same.

Job Interview: Top Ten Mistakes Candidates Make

#1 | Practicing on a Computer
If you were training for a serious bike race in the mountains, would you practice only by biking on the streets? I hope not. The air is different. The terrain is different. Yeah, I bet you’d practice in the mountains.
Using a compiler to practice interview questions is like this - and you’ve basically been biking on the streets your entire life. Put away the compiler and get out the old pen and paper. Use a compiler only to verify your solutions.

#2 | Not Rehearsing Behavioral Questions
Many candidates spend all their time prepping for technical questions and overlook the behavioral questions. Guess what? Your interviewer is judging those too! And, not only that - your performance on behavioral questions might bias your interviewer’s perception of your technical performance. Behavioral prep is relatively easy and well-worth your time. Looking over your projects and positions and think of the key stories. Rehearse the stories.

Telephonic Interview

Recently I went through a telephonic interview for some job at a software company. This was the second round of the recruitment process, the first round being an online test. In the 1st round they asked a programming question and announced that the one solving it will be a top contender. The question can be found as “Money Matters” on  This was the second question(out of four) of the test. After I solved all the problems in the first round, I was selected for the telephonic interview. Here is a summary of the questions they asked: Q1. Introduce yourself. Q2. So you went through the online test, can you tell me how you solved the second question? Q3. How can you find the answer in the above question for x=12? Q4. When do we use different data structures? If you had to choose between an array and list, how would you choose? Q5. Can you tell me about the object-oriented programming concepts? Q6. Can you tell me when do we use interfaces in java? Q7. //This was a question about data…

Summer Internship in Mumbai/ Work from home – Web & Mobile App Development – Fyne Dine

A Mumbai based (Work from home option also available) internship opportunity for all the web and mobile app development enthusiasts. The last date to apply is 25th May 2012 - hurry! AboutFyne Dine: - Fyne Dine is an early-stage start-up looking to redefine dining experience of people. Based in Mumbai, company is essentially building a marketing platform for the hospitality sector. About Internship: – The Company is looking for interns to design their website and apps.  Intern will be responsible for:- a) Website Development:- Design the layout of the websiteDevelop the website using PHP and MySQLIntegrate Payment Gateway with the websiteb) Develop Smart phone apps: Develop Android and iPhone apps highlighting partner outlets and integrating search functionality.Number of internships: - 2 Who can apply: – Any Engineering/ Computer Science graduate having a knowledge of any of the following:- PHP/HTML/MySQLPhotoshop/Corel Draw/Any other designing SoftwareExperience with Android and iPhone SDKs

IIT-Delhi bans students from surfing net post midnight

IIT-Delhi has recently taken a decision to prohibit its students from using the internet in the hostel premises between 1am and 6am. The institute, during these five hours, disconnects the internet facility available to students in their hostel rooms. The reason, according to Shashi Mathur, dean, students, IIT-D, is to ensure that the academic performance of students does not suffer. He says, The internet connection, which was available to students during the midnight hours earlier, would disrupt their studies. Students would watch videos or be busy on social networking sites; download movies or play games till late in the morning. Hence, waking up late and getting delayed for classes. However, the internet facility will still be available to students 24x7 in libraries, labs and research rooms on campus. Students, who need to use the internet for their studies or project work, etc, can use these facilities. Also, we have not restricted students from using their own wireless internet con…

Gurgaon ahead of ‘Silicon Valley’ Bangalore in Internet penetration

An internet revolution in India may be a long way off, but Gurgaon has taken the giant leap forward. The cyber city has high internet penetration, living up to its billing as the Millennium City. More households in Gurgaon log on to the Net than any district in the country. It has even beaten India's Silicon Valley, Bangalore, in the digital race. 

Census 2011 says the household penetration of the internet in Gurgaon is 20.9%. This is way above the national average of 10%. 

Gurgaon has a better score than even IT hubs Bangalore and Hyderabad and has overtaken mega cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The census says of the 3,20,000 households in Gurgaon, over 1,02,000 have computers and more than 67,000 are internet-enabled. 

Experts attribute Gurgaon's Net revolution to its large concentration of techies and professionals. "Most residents are employed in the IT and telecom companies and this explains the rising number of internet users," said Ibrahim Ahmed of Cyber Media, a r…