Telephonic Interview

Recently I went through a telephonic interview for some job at a software company. This was the second round of the recruitment process, the first round being an online test. In the 1st round they asked a programming question and announced that the one solving it will be a top contender. The question can be found as “Money Matters” on  This was the second question(out of four) of the test.
After I solved all the problems in the first round, I was selected for the telephonic interview. Here is a summary of the questions they asked:
Q1. Introduce yourself.
Q2. So you went through the online test, can you tell me how you solved the second question?
Q3. How can you find the answer in the above question for x=12?
Q4. When do we use different data structures? If you had to choose between an array and list, how would you choose?
Q5. Can you tell me about the object-oriented programming concepts?
Q6. Can you tell me when do we use interfaces in java?
Q7. //This was a question about database which I could not answer, as I don’t know much about it.
Q8. Any question from your side?
The interview lasted for 28 minutes. Thus I found that the interviewers just focus on basic concepts and the interviews are not always tough. Just you have to stay calm and answer the questions according to your understanding.


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