Roadies X Winner is Palak Johal!!

Palak Johal, claimed the title of 10th season of famous MTV reality show Roadies, Battle For Glory. Palak, who proved himself the strongest contestant, defeated 15 contestants  and took home a cheque of Rs 4,50,000 and a Hero bike.

The other Hero Roadies X Contestants of the finale were Raman Deep, Mohit and Anirudh.

Palak- Winner of Roadies X

The final episode of Roadies X began with all the eliminated Roadies entering the location where they clashed with the final four.

These four were the finalites:

The two boys got eliminated in the rope task. So the ultimate battle was between Ramandeep and Palak. Too bad, isn't it.. most of us wanted Mohit or Anirudh to claim the title.

So, the final battle concluded to between Ramandeep and Palak!

And finally, Palak Claimed the title of Roadies X, battle for glory !!!
Like always Raghu Ram, his twin brother Rajiv Laxman and Rannvijay were the judges. How did you like the 10th season of Roadies? Who is YOUR winner?? Tell us in the comments section below.
Roadies X Winner : Palak Johal


  1. among gaurav and avtar , mohit wd have won then it wd hve huge success for mohit bt still mohit is truly hard working.and 1nce defeated gaurav in mud he is truly winner

  2. nope. It will be either Anirudh or Raman

  3. Palak was the most undeserving winner among all the players. It hurts to see that jerk as the winner of roadies x

  4. ramandeep for sure.........

    y palak 5r...i hate hr..

    n raman is d bestest........n she is d winner fr me....

  5. Palak is the most undeserving roadie


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