MSG - The messenger earns 126 crores till 10th day

The so called 'Rockstar Baba', 'The Godman', and fondly 'Papaji' by over 50 million, Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan is on his way to become the new king of bollywood, as his film MSG - The Messenger (of God) has broken all records of 2015, and is strongly leading to a new height. If the sources were to believed, the film has earned whooping 126 crores on box office till 10th day. People are still finding tough to buy tickets because of huge demand, and online movie ticket website BookMyShow has temporarily removed the listing from its website because of unavailability of tickets.

The film was released on 13th of February in around 4000 screens across the country, and since its release, all shows are going packed and there has been a constant demand of ticket since then. The film was expected to be hit even before the launch because of very good music, and good trailer.

One big factor of film's success is believed to be the social messages it give, and the humanitarian works that the organization is involved in. The film was in controversy before it's release, but it has shut all critics after that. 

Few surprising facts about the movie:

1. The film has been written, directed, acted and created by the Dera chief himself. That makes it one of it's kind.

2. The film's music was also written, sung and performed by the Dera chief himself. Even the music was under his direction.

3. The film's shooting completed in mere 67 days, and around 1.3 million people took part in it.

4. All the stunts were performed 'the Godman' himselfA report on quoted an action director saying that Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan had 104 degrees fever, but still he shot for all the stunts. The report further stated that Guruji had crossed a truck from a mere one inch gap. 

5. According to a report in Bombay Times, one specific scene in MSG: The Messenger of Godhad nearly 1.25 lakh people participating in it. The report further stated that all of them had to light up candles and extinguish them in a minute. A report in Bombay Times stated that apparently Guruji, with the help of four large screens, instructed the crowd how to do it, and the whole sequence was shot in one take. 

6. The report also stated that Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan had got more than 100 costumes made for his film. 

Music Videos:

1. Ram Ram

2. Raatan Baatan

3. Never Ever

4. Desh

Full playlist can be found here. Surprisingly, all the music is spiritual, wrapped in different modes of pop.

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