Facebook pays interns more than Google

The world's most popular social networking site Facebook pays its interns nearly $74,000 (Rs 40.7 lakh) a year in a bid to attractyoung talent, according to a report. 

According to a report by Business Insider,Facebook pays comparatively more than most other tech companies, so that young talented people that may not choose a more established company like GoogleSoftware engineering interns, for example, earn $74,700 (Rs 41.1 lakh) a year, reports a newspaper. 

The report also revealed that other staff members at Facebook get paid pretty well, with at least 10 roles commanding six figure salaries . According to the report, senior software engineers are commanding the most coin at Facebook, getting a salary of $132,503 (Rs 72.9 lakh). 

Software engineers, also called coders, are the most valuable workers because they turn the ideas fired at them by Mark Zuckerberg and his executive team into reality.


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