Atrenta Placement paper and interview questions


Placement written paper and interview questions

Section 1:
1) How would you interchange the value stored in two variables without using a temporary variable.
2) One question based on the padding used in structures, where the the structure in the question had one char, one int and one float in different order and hence the size of structure and the pointer variables to these structures was asked.
3) Simple questions on strings.. (2 such questions, make sure you play around with pointers and strings).
4) Program to find mirror image of a tree.
5) Implementation of Stack.
6) Some simple questions picked up straight from ‘crack_the_interview’ pdf..
7) Hashing (Interview)

Section 2:
Digital Circuits and Systems:
1) Make a 5:1 MUX USING 4 2:1 MUXs..
2) How many MUXs would be required to make any general n:1 MUX and hence 7:1 MUX?
3) Counter decoding.. Where a counter circuit (using gates and FFs is given) and you are required to
decode the circuit and probably tell the mod number of that counter..
4) Simple problem statements were given and we were required to make an appropriate digital
circuit just by solving K-maps. (2 such questions)
5) A combinational circuit was given and we were asked to minimize the number of gates in that
6) Two ways to generate a clock signal.. (Interview)
7) Binary to Gray and Gray to Binary Conversion..using FFs.. (Interview)
8) 2 ways to convert Gray back into binary (tricky).. (Interview)
9) SOP to POS.. (Interview)


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