Puzzles for placement


1.Complete the given series by finding the missing term.
              2, 12, 36, 80, 150, ?
  What number comes next in this sequence:
     18   3   9   5    14   3   ==
3. If a clock takes 5 seconds to strike 5 O’clock, then find the time it takes to strike 11 O’clock?
4. Mohit has Rs 1.15 in his pocket in 6 coins. When asked for a change he couldn’t give change for a rupee, half a rupee , quarter rupee or five paisa. Which 6 coins did he have? 
The following relation exists

539 = 48
865 = 46
726 = 44
945 = y

What is the value of y?
6.Mrs. Chawla, an artist had a passion for sketch pens. Although she has a huge collection of sketch pens of different colours, but she uses only three sketch pens of different colours. For her official work, she takes sometimes one, two or occasionally all three sketch pens of different colours.
If she tries to carry combination of sketch pens of different colours to office, then for how many consecutive days can she take a different selection of sketch pens to her office?
7.There is an integer which shows a very peculiar feature: no matter any number is subtracted from it, the result is always exactly divisible by successor of that number. What is the integer?
8.              Find the number which replaces the question mark.
37 (7) 13
29 (3) 32
46 (6) 22
78 (?) 42
512 : 07
489 : 41
Which of the following exhibits the same relationship as given in the above relations?
A.  713 : 01
B.  865 : 63
C.  619 : 15
D.  820 : 18
10.There is a straight highway across a jungle. On that highway, there are four villages located at different distances apart. The third village was 60 km far from the first village; the fourth village was 40 km far from the second village and the third village was 10 km nearer to the fourth village than it was to the second village.
How far is the fourth village from the first village?
11.Write 27 using only the digit 2 five times?
12. Two drivers have same amount of petrol in their cars. One can drive for 4 hours and the other can drive the car for 5 hours with their petrol. At the same time, they start driving. After sometime they observed that the amount of petrol left in one car is four times the amount of petrol left in the other car. How long they had drive the cars?
13.I have Rs 1,850 in my purse. There are equal number of 10 paise coins, 25 paise coins, 50 paise coins and 1 rupee coins in the purse. Then, how many of each denomination I have?
14.In a family, each boy has twice as many sisters as brothers. If each girl has as many brothers as sisters, then find the total number of brothers and sisters in the family.
15.1. Yesterday, Mohan saw some people came in a car, killed a man and then run away. He observed that the number of the car was a perfect square and also, if the number plate was turned upside down, the number would still be a perfect square.
After investigation, the Police found that the numbers of that type of cars in the city are range from 001 to 400. Can you tell what the number of that car was?
In a city, there is a railway station and there are 30 stations on a particular line. At each of the 30 stations, the passengers can get tickets of any of the remaining stations.
How many different kinds of tickets do you think the booking clerk has to keep?
17.A kid went to a zoo and saw couple of lions and peacocks. He asked his father to count the number of lions and peacocks. His father thought of teasing his son and replied that there are 160 legs and 120 eyes altogether. Kid got confused and while returning back to his home, he tried to calculate the number of lions and peacocks.
Can you calculate the total number of lions and peacocks?
Seema is an intelligent student. To check her level of intelligence, her father had asked her to obtain a sum of 1000 using exactly sixteen 4s and only one mathematical operator.
Can Seema solve this problem and if yes, then how?
19.If TOY means 071202, Boy means 251202, then how would you decode the word SHIP?
20.If you multiply a number by 3, then subtract 2; and the reverse of the result is the number you have taken, which numbers can it be?
21.A boy has 7 pairs of white gloves, 8 pairs of black gloves and 10 pairs of blue gloves in his drawer.
His room is totally dark. So, he cannot see the color of gloves.
How many gloves the boy needs to pick up so that he is sure to have at least one matching pair in his hand?
22.Two fathers and two sons went to a shop and bought some sweets. Each of them bought 1 kg of sweet. After an hour, all of them returned to home and saw that they had a total of only 3 kg of sweets. If they did not eat, lost or thrown any of the sweets, then how is it possible that they have only 3 kg of sweets?
23.Mrs. Jain needed some money very urgently. But, unfortunately her husband was out of town for his official work. She had her husband’s ATM card, but she had no idea about the password. So, she called her husband and asked about the password. Her husband decided to play a bit with her.
He smiled and said, if you divide the 4 digit password number by 7, then it gives remainder as 0, but if you divide it by any of the numbers less than 5, then it gives remainder as 1. He paused a bit and said in a teasing tone, “is it enough or you want to know something more? Let me help you a bit. It is the smallest possible number of this type”.
After the call, Mrs. Jain was completely shocked and frustrated. Can you help her out in decoding the password?
24.Two kids bought some chocolates from a shop. One of them said to the other, ‘if you give me one of your chocolates, I will twice as many as you’. Other kid replied by saying, if you give me one of yours, then I will have as many chocolates as you.
25.Ramu is a security guard at Dr.Rashmi’s. One day, Dr.Rashmi told him that she is going for a trip to China with her family. Ramu advised her not to go by plane. When Dr, Rashmi asked the reason, Ramu replied that, this night when he was on his night duty, he had a nightmare that the plane to China crashed, just before it landed.
Dr. Rashmi smiled and decided to take a private helicopter. When she arrived in China, she is told that the plane which she should have taken had crashed. When Dr. Rashmi returned from the trip, she gave a big reward to Ramu and then immediately fired him from the job. Why?
26.Mr. Arora wanted to know about his future. One of his friends suggested about couple of future predictors. The chances of prediction being correct by 1st is 70%, 2nd is 58%, 3rd is 62%, 4th is 8%.
To get the best prediction of your future, which future predictor Mr. Arora should go to?
27.In a family, there are 7 kids. Also, there is a bowl with 7 oranges. You have to distribute the oranges among the kids in such a way that one orange should remain in the bowl and each kid should get an orange.
28.Complete the given alphabetical series:
29.All the numbers in the given series are related in a particular way. Out of the given numbers, only one number is different from the rest. Find the number.
3, 7, 13, 23, 33, 97
30.In the given pairs of numbers below, first number in each pair is related to the second number in a particular way. Find the missing number.
5 : 127 :: 9 : ?


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