Toady's pick: 8 unusual gadget gifts for Festivals

As the festival of Diwali is around the corner, many of us are likely to go on a shopping spree to give the perfect gift to our near and dear ones. When it comes to gadgets as gifts, most of us tend to look towards tablets, smartphones and laptops. Well, that's cliched. This festive season why not go for something different and offbeat that does not burn a hole in your pocket and pleases your loved ones. Here is our pick of 8 offbeat gadget gifts for this Diwali.

USB paper shredderThe USB Paper Shredder and Letter Opener combo is simple plug-and-play device compatible with all operating systems. Not only is it perfect for use when plugged into a computer, but can be operated by AA batteries as well, making it suitable for emergencies. Available in the market for Rs 995, it has a 1.6L plastic container to collect all shredded paper, along with a forward/reverse button.

Sony CP-ELSB powerbank for smartphonesCharging your smartphone anytime, anywhere becomes easy with the Sony CP-ELSB powerbank. Compatible with most smartphones, this device has a 2,000mAh battery that will charge your phone when it runs out of juice. The device measures (28x125x26.5mm) and weighs just 87grams and can be recharged via USB cable, with charging time of approximately 6 hours. The Sony CP-ELSB powerbank is available in the Indian market at a price of Rs 1,350.

Docking speakersPhilips AS111 Android Docking station plays and charges Android phones and auto-synchronises its clock with your device. It comes bundled with Songbird music manager so you can sync music between your phone and PC, and a free app for more functions. This device is priced at Rs 5,999 in India.

If your happen to use Apple devices, then you can go for Philips AJ3270D, priced at Rs 3,999. This device lets you play your favorite music from and iPod, iPhone and also charges them and comes with a digital alarm clock, so you can wake up to your favourite radio station or the regular buzzer.

Parrot A R Drone 2.0Parrot A R Drone 2.0 is a quadracopter gaming device equipped to fly at a height of 162 feet and is fitted with a 720p 30fps HD camera to view and record the flight. It can be operated and controlled with any smartphone and tablet, including iPhones, iPads and gadgets powered by Android. Other features of the quadracopter include 360-degree in-flight rotation, HD video recording, indoor and outdoor flying option and Wi-Fi. It also supports video recording via USB device. Parrot A R Drone 2.0 is available at Rs 31,990 in India, with a year-long warranty.

Nokia Play 360° wireless speakerLooking for wireless speakers? Here it is. Nokia Play 360 wireless speakers are available for Rs 9,350 in the market. As the name says, the speakers have 360-degree omni-directional sound and plays music through Bluetooth 2.1. Other options for connectivity include NFC, microUSB charger connector and 3.5 mm standard audio jack. With a price tag of Rs 9,350, these wireless speakers measure 110x124x110mm, weigh 514 gram and offer operating time of 21 hours.

Torus Solar BackpackIt can be quite frustrating if your gadget's battery dies while you are travelling and even worse when the back-up battery is missing. The Torus Solar Backpack, priced at Rs 9,700, is there to help you. The backpack has a detachable solar panel zip pouch, so you can simply connect your smartphone to the cable attached to this solar-powered external battery.

USB warm glovesWinters will set in soon and to protect your hands from harsh cold here is a pair of USB-powered gloves. Weighing just 900 grams, the highly efficient thermal gloves are powered by USB cable and use voltage as low as 5V. Completely safe and reliable, these gloves look stylish and quickly raise the temperature to a comfortable level. You can take home this pair of USB-powered gloves at a price of Rs 621 in India.

John Barrel portable waistband amplifierJohn Barrel JBPA786 portable waistband amplifier is the perfect Diwali gift for those who frequently conduct guided tours and seminars. This device can amplify your voice to a level that a group of 40 to 50 people can hear you easily. When you want to tell a few points to your audience, you can use its head-mic, which is covered by good quality synthetic cloth rather than cheap foam. This waistband amplifier boasts of zero distortion for jarring-free sound quality. The device can also double up as a music player and can play mp3 audio seamlessly via USB. Priced at Rs 1,300 in India, John Barrel JBPA786 portable waistband amplifier has a Li-Po battery that is charged via the 12V DC charger which comes with the device.


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