Suggest a title for the following chunk of Elijah Shopper's story

And as he entered the cave, he found complete darkness, except a small beam coming from somewhere in front of him. It made him understand that the cave was deep enough. He touched the sidewall, found it rough, and he felt like if he had put his hand in a lot of sand. He took his hand of the wall and jolted it, and he could smell the dust. There was no sound. Being brave enough, he started moving, getting stumbled by hitting the crests in the path, but he kept moving.
It was a hole in the ceiling of the cave, from where the light beams were coming. Though it was dark, he opened the map. “Pirate Tikona’s Base” he muttered, and waited for a while.
Map was still blank. “Perhaps this is a waste of time”, he thought, “let me try again”, and screamed this time “Pirate Tikona’s Base”.
And the next moment, his heart got filled with fear as he heard sounds like those of cloud thunder, and suddenly a number of holds appeared in the ceiling of the cave. Perhaps the cave had awakened.

Please suggest your titles in the comment. If your title get selected, of course it will be featured on the cover page, you will be acknowledged by the author in the book, and will get heavy cash.


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