An interesting omegle discussion!

Question to discuss:
tumblr urls? need more blogs to follow
You: dude
You: get a life
Stranger: Yup
Stranger: Well said
Stranger: Questioner sucks at everything
Stranger: Needs to be launched into space
You: yeah.. noMoreMeaningfulPlanet
You: timeToLeaveEarth
Stranger: Yup, well said
You: probably that's why aliens don't talk to us
Stranger: Indeed
Stranger: We get rid of this guy, everything will get better
Stranger: Aliens are probably just waiting for him to die
You: yeah... dude.. whoever you are.. please die
Stranger: Once again, well said
Stranger: So true
You: yeah..
You: yeah
You: so true
Stranger: The real question is what kind of rocket we should launch him into space with
Stranger: It wouldn't be worth wasting too much energy on him
You: that's indeed a point
Stranger: But we also want him to go as far away as possible
You: we can hope him to start flying
You: only hope
Stranger: Yeah...
Stranger: I would suggest throwing him into a volcano
Stranger: But...
Stranger: His atoms wouldn't leave earth then
Stranger: And that would be disgusting
You: that's again a very good point.. these atoms will keep existing upto end of earh
You: ok, i'm ready for my govt. to spend the required money on rocket.. let's get read of this dumb-ass
You: *rid
Stranger: Indeed
Stranger: We have to make the government track down his IP and do something useful for once
Stranger: Perhaps we should apply for the UN to make an expetion from the human rights
Stranger: Since this guy technically doesn't deserve to be defined as human
You: very true
You: a shame on human race
Stranger: Indeed
Stranger: Indeed, good sir
You: I sincerely request the guy.. whoever you are ... plz die
You: it's over the limit now
You: earth cannot bear you anymore
Stranger: But die in a capsule so we have your atoms in one place
Stranger: And can decide wether to launch you into space or into a volcano
You: Yeah.. he can take away his body alongwith his soul, for free.
Stranger: Perhaps we can sign some deal with the devil to take his soul too
Stranger: He would impurify heaven if he managed to get in
You: Devil don't deal with this kind of shit-holes
Stranger: Sadly true
Stranger: Hopefully the other systems don't either so his soul may be forever lost
You: yeah, some kind of mechanism must be derived to completely disappear something
You: like it never existed
Stranger: Yes
You: this must also be out of our thoughts
Stranger: From both space and time
Stranger: Indeed, indeed.
You: It's mere existance is a blame
You: yeah, time
Stranger: Once again, so ture, sir
Stranger: *true
You: we must contact Fourier
You: for time-series analysis of this dumboo
Stranger: Good suggestion
Stranger: We also have to get him ereased from our memories
Stranger: This horror will otherwise hunt me for the rest of my life
You: and the entire human race
You: :O :O
Stranger: Indeed
You: they say, in a nuclear reaction, atoms change, from one type to other
You: this is something that;s only hope for this whatever
Stranger: What a mervellous idea!
Stranger: *marvellous
Stranger: And in a reactor that technically was running anyways
Stranger: So he technically doesn't waste any energy!
You: very very true
You: and this site, omegle will also need to be deleted after getting rid of this dumboo, or the log of this chat will still haunt us
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: It's a shame it had to poison this website
You: O' silent watcher of this question, please burn your computer also, the log might also be in your browser
You: yeah
You: such a shame!
Stranger: Hopefully it is still in it's room watching this conversation
Stranger: It would be a shame if it poisioned other websites too or spread it's breath further out
You: yeah, air pollution, or poisioning!
Stranger: Now that I think of it it's probably the real cause of global warming and pollution!
You: indeed! The earth is dying slowly all because of this bastard
Stranger: It's earth itself getting angered by it's presence, thus causing earth to heat up and lose functionality!
You: Very true
You: And still this element has no shame of it's existance
Stranger: That's the worst part of it all
Stranger: If it just had responsibility
Stranger: And could see
Stranger: How the only honorable thing it can do
Stranger: Is scarifice itself for the good of others
You: exactly! Probably that's why osama'bin laden bombs people
You: such a shame
Stranger: Out of the desperate hope that he will manage to bomb this guy!
You: yeah
Stranger: Hitler was probably trying to gas this guy will he still just was an egg in his mother
Stranger: So he could prevent this disaster
Stranger: But now it's too late
Stranger: Now it's here
Stranger: Now we have to live with all this suffering because of this creature
You: ok enough of this shit.. We must take action.
You: the first bet is : tracking his ip address
Stranger: Indeed, companion, indeed, words do nothing without action to follow them up
You: yeah, true
You: Possiblity is, he might have logged in from a proxy site
You: tracking back is gonna be difficult
You: deep mining needed
You: one big clue we have is: the question statement
Stranger: Indeed, it limits the number of suspects
You: we will track down similar statements which have made earlier by people of it's kind
You: possiblity is: it might have reproduced
Stranger: Oh God
Stranger: Oh God no
Stranger: Humanity is finished if we don't eliminite it soon!
You: it's might be looking forward to a family
You: yeah, the bug must be tracked
You: they all must be sharing a common DNA pattern
You: we need all DNAs of everybody
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: And we will find the link between this kind of behaviour and the DNA
Stranger: Eventually finding the extent of this crisis
Stranger: Nevertheless action must be taken
You: But there is one thing on our side too: If there are many of these, it would be easier to find them
You: if we find one, we can find all
You: and eliminate them
Stranger: When found, they have to be eliminated by the procedures we described earlier
You: yeah, the nuclear and rocket science seems promising
Stranger: Indeed
Stranger: We must be thankful that it didn't come into existance before those were present
You: yeah, otherwise there might have no signs of humanity and intellignece left by now
Stranger: Which would be a shame, actually I understand that alien civilizations stay away until this pest is gone
Stranger: They don't want it to spread to themselves
You: yeah, the sole reason why they do not talk to us
Stranger: True statement
Stranger: Finally we have found the solution to Fermin's Paradox!
Stranger: But the solution is a worrying one nevertheless
You: yeah,
You: true that
You: We never knew it was coz of such a tragedical person
You: or creature
Stranger: Yes, but now we know, if it's a person or creature depends on definition
Stranger: Perhaps a creature in the flesh of a human
Stranger: But that doesn't make it completely human
Stranger: It's a destroyed of worlds!
Stranger: Our world!
Stranger: And we must stop it!
You: Ok, Now I just cannot sit, I have to go find this and kill it! or the race is over
Stranger: *destroyer
Stranger: Yes, good luck hunting
You: gotta go make people aware
Stranger: I shall too go on this glorious, just mission
You: yeah, mission started
Stranger: We need to get the USA and Russia to see that they aren't each others greatest threat...
Stranger: This creature is!
You: yes, we humans must unite against this creature
You: or will might end our race
Stranger: Indeed
You: ok bye all the best for mission
You: no more sitting
You: just action
Stranger: Yes, good luck


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