Why Steve Jobs might still be alive?

World knows, what an innovator he was, and how fast his mind used to work. There was a recent rumor that he was still alive, and was in Brazil, but it turned out to be a rumor only. But closely examining the life of Steve reveals that, it is probable he might still be alive.

Some call him a saint, one of the coolest mind he had, and how he out-paced his competitors with his unique design abilities, everybody knows. Whatever his company created, he even knew the minutest details of the product. Once he visited India, in search of answers to quests of his own. He was always biased towards finding his inner self. He visited many places, and wondered why there were so many poor people despite the lessons of the great preachers the country had. He met many of the great saints, studied Hindu-shastras, and found the unique something he always wanted to find. In fifty-six years of his life, he achieved everything, but there was always a desire to achieve something else. Something that he always wanted and was near him, and he just had to discover it.

With such a great mind, he could have decided to leave his job, and go in search of the only 'truth'. He could have faked his death, maybe had disguised himself, and had decided to spend the rest of the life connecting to God.

No-one saw him dying except his family. His family might know this. But they might have promised him to keep it a secret.

Everyone knows he got cancer in 2003, and was revealed about an year before his death. Just few months before his death he resigned from his job and went home. What if he lied all this time? He might have created this story just to fake his death. It all happened in such a short span of time that makes it suspicious.

What do you think about his death? Comment section is just few centimeters below.


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